Jamie’s CV

Curriculum Vitae

James Bell

Colorado Board of Education Liciencures

  • K-12 Special Education
  • Secondary Social Studies

Special Education Training

  • Prior Written Notice Requirement
  • MDR – Chair and PD Roles
  • Local Screening and Child Study Chair/PD Roles
  • Best Practices in Evaluations and Re Evaluations
  • ESY Qualification
  • Special Education Transportation
  • IEP Best Practice and Current Requirements
  • IEP Process Development for School Year
  • Transition Planning Federal Requirments and Best Practice
  • Student Run IEPs – Self Advocacy at work
  • Monthly Day Long Face to Face Updates with Central Office Leadership
  • Data Security and Confidentiality
  • MANDT Workshops Mulit Days
  • Restraint and Seclusion Regulations and Reporting Requirements
  • FERPA Requirments for Schools

Teaching Best Practices

  • Twice Exceptional
  • ADHD
  • Marzano and Kagen Strategies in the classroom
  • MANDT certification
  • Team Teaching
  • Behavioral support

School Leadership

  • PLC Team Leadership – Curriculum Team Leader
  • Principal Leadership Committee Membership-Weekly

Developed and Led School based trainings – Full/Half DAY or 90 Min Options

  • Team Teaching – School Based/District Based
  • Special Education vs. General Education Law – School Based
  • Student Centered Self Advocacy and Accommodations – School Based
  • Section 504 – Teamwork and Requirements for Schools- School Based
  • IEP Overviews Teamwork and Teachers Requirements – School Based
  • SEASTARS and Person Workflow Automation Solutions
  • PLCs that Produce and Why – Division Wide FCPS

Section 504

  • Eligibility Process
  • Accommodations and Services
  • Re-Eligibility
  • Prior Written Notice Requirements
  • Federal Timelines under IDEA (current and past authorizations)
  • Office of Civil Rights Complaint Process and Resolutions

Education Records

  • FERPA Requests
  • FERPA Compliance
  • Retention and Destruction
  • Evaluations and Interpretive

Education Evaluations

  • Woodcock Johnson
  • Reading and Math Assessments
  • Behavioral Assessments
  • Observational Assessments
  • Speech and Language Reports, Updates and Full Assessments

Pychological Evalutation Reports

  • Cognitive, Behaviors, Fine Motor, ADHD

Twice Exceptional Students

  • Meeting student needs in classroom
  • Managing high incidence learning differences in general ed classrooms