Lose Lose Education Starts at the Top

I talk a lot (maybe too much) about setting up Win, Win situations in education between students and schools.  It is the most efficient and effective tool we have along with student centered self advocacy.

Last night I watched with great interest from the public viewing seats the Douglas County Board of Education at work.  This was a “special meeting” in more that just the type of meeting held. You can watch the live stream here. I will return and attend each public meeting as they happen and will keep a open eye for any hope of student centered bipartisanship from the Board in the future but……………….

Honestly, what I watched between 5 PM and near 8 PM last night on Wilcox Street in Castle Rock broke my heart.  Public Schools and their leadership must put aside politics, personalities and ridged ideologies and work for the common good of all students in Douglas County.  That is not what was on display last night and that is very troubling……….Watch if you can stand it.



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